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The Lord gives the command:  The women who proclaim

the good tidings are a great host..."  Psalm 68:11

The Women for the Nations website provides an opportunity to shine a light on the prejudice of the past that has not only obscured the teachings of God’s Word concerning women but also put unjustified expectations on men.


If you wrestle with the scriptures that limit the roles of women, the revelations in the course She Shall Be Called Woman will free you to follow the Lord's leading into areas where cultural bias and mistranslation have limited the place of women in God's economy.



Listed below are three ways to use the site.  
You are free to change to a different approach at any time. 

She Shall Be Called Woman is available to read by going to the sessions and reading them like a chapter in a book.  Have fun.  There are links at the bottom of each page to take you to the next chapter.


OR,  At the end of each session there are questions and discussion points to help you check out your understanding.  If you have questions, write us at

OR, you can read each session, answer the questions and discussion points and email them to us. for comment and discussion. This way take more time, but it's worth it!

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