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Ten Curses of Eve 


The teaching of the Babylonian Talmud, in the "ten curses of Eve," can be clearly seen in the traditional interpretation of Genesis 3:16.  




1.   ‘Greatly multiply’ refers to ministration, etc.;

2.   ‘thy sorrow’ in rearing children;

3.   ‘thy conception’;

4.   ‘in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children’;

5.   ‘thy desire shall be unto they husband’; [the word desire defined with profanity];

6.   'He shall rule over thee' [more, and profanity] ;

7.    'she is wrapped up like a mourner,' i. e.

8.    'dares not appear in public with her head uncovered';

9.    'is restricted to one husband, while he may have many wives';

10.  'and is confined to the house as to a prison."


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