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Recommended Websites, Blogs and Books


Websites God’s Word to Women named after the book by Katherine Bushnell is an information website with a tremendous number of resources.  It is referred to in the seminar and is a source to download excellent articles.  The basic teachings on Genesis 1-3 are there under Scripture Study.  Use the search feature if you have difficulty finding them.  You will want to look at the Links.   Christians for Biblical Equality  Excellent website a bit more academic than God’s Word to Women but with a wide variety of information and resource.  They also have a bookstore.  You can join CBE on their website.  Two outstanding magazines, Mutuality and Priscilla’s Papers come with the membership.    Blue Letter Bible website has Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and 14 translations of the Bible plus many other helps including Gesenius and Theyer’s  links from Strong’s.  King James Version, New American Standard and NIV have Strong’s numbers as links after each word.  To get Strongs look at the top of the page, there is a small box labeled Strong’s.  Extremely easy to use, just click on the number and the definition is displayed Tremendous number of English Bible translations as well as versions in many other languages.  Excellent resource to look up and compare translations.  If you choose a single verse there is a link that brings up all other English translations of that verse.  




Ishshah's Story  is a collaborative effort of four Christian women in three different nations .  Our goal is to create a space where Christian women, including those recovering from spiritual abuse,  can share their journeys, their spiritual gifts, and their creative talents, and where we can encourage one another into all we are called to be in Christ.


Bread for the Bride- nurturing the Bride of Christ




In the Spirit We’re Equal by Dr. Susan Hyatt is available from Amazon used or new directly from the bookstore on the Hyatt’s website for $15.00. 


Why Not Women by Loren Cunningham and Janice Rogers is available from Amazon.  Loren Cunningham is the founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM).


Veiled and Silenced, How Culture Shaped Sexist Theology by Alvin Schmidt is available from Amazon. This book is somewhat scholarly but well worth the effort.  


The Redemption of Love, Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality form the Economics of a Fallen World by Dr. Carrie A. Miles  available from Amazon  there is also a downloadable copy of her workbook  Male and Female in Christ  available at  


God’s Word to Women by Katherine Bushnell available from  for $14.95 plus postage.  Other books are available for free download.  Click on Online Books.


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