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PART ONE - Review


Before we move into Part Two here is a brief review of some major things we have established through our session studies in Genesis 1-3:


  1. Mankind (humankind - human beings), not just the male of the species, was made in God's image;​

  2. Woman was created first and foremost for God's pleasure, not for man's pleasure.

  3. Woman was not created separately to be a helper to the man.  She was already created in the man and was brought out of the man's side and moulded by God to be an equal and complementary partner with him.

  4. *Woman was brought forth from the side of the male, not from his rib.  This is important because it speaks prophetically of the Bride of Christ coming forth from the side of Jesus, who is the Last Adam and the Second Man (1 Cor. 15:45-49).

  5. The woman did not cause Adam to disobey God.  The woman was deceived but Adam was not deceived and willfully  disobeyed.

  6. Niether the woman nor the man was not cursed by God.

  7. Woman was not punished by being put under the rulership of the male;

  8. Woman was not punished by multiplying how often she conceived.

  9. Woman was blessed by God through being the vessel through which the Redeemer would enter the world;

10. Woman is free to choose whether she gives God pre-eminence or the male pre-eminence, but turning away       from God to the male is idolotry.

11. In Christ woman has been restored to her place in creation and is called to serve God in biblical priesthood           and in any function to which He may call her, as in Christ there is  'no male or  female'.


We hope that this first session has blessed you but more importantly that you have grown in the knowledge and understanding of who you truly are in Christ.  We know that as we continue to study the Word of God on this vital subject the Holy Spirit will continue to nurture us and lead us into ALL truth.

Cheryl McGrath and Pat Joyce


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