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1. That 1 Corinthians 11:34-35 that directs women to be silent in church was part of a letter written by the Corinthians to Paul.


2. That 1Corinthians 11:34-35 contradicts Paul’s teaching in numerous places and he considers such a statement “utter rubbish.”


3. When scripture seems to contradict itself, it’s time to do some close checking.


4. Throughout the New Testament kephale has the meaning “source” or “physical head,” not “authority over” or “leader.


5. 1 Cor.    11:10 properly translated says women have authority to decide whether or not to wear a head covering.  


6. Nowhere does scripture teach that there is a chain of command in the Godhead.


7. The word translated submit or submission is hupotasso.  In his letters Paul always uses hupotasso in the middle voice where it means to give allegiance to, identify with, tend to the needs of, be supportive of, or be responsive to but never submit. 


8. In Ephesians 5 Paul was seeking to correct a major problem with Ephesian marriage which was a marriage without relationship or commitment to each other.  


9. Being a “weaker vessels” has to do with ability to make a living.


10. Papyri are First century Greek documents written in Koiné Greek which is the language of most of the New Testament.


11. Whole books have been written on 1 Tim 2:6-15.  Please reread Session 5.


12. Jesus had women disciples who traveled with him during his ministry were in the upper room, and continued to serve after the resurrection. 


13. Women in the first century church were not confined to teaching other women but served as heads of house churches, and in all of the fivefold ministry of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist.


14. Patriarchal culture, tradition and the educational background of the “church fathers” along with the institutionalization of the church served to eradicate the equality found in the early church.


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