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She Shall Be Called Woman


There are three parts or sections to She Shall Be Called Woman.  Links to each part are found below.  At the bottom of each session is a link to the next so you don't have to go back if you are reading the course like a book.  


Part One is from Genesis 1-3 and addresses nine myths that continue to be taught to Christians as truth.  While primarily directed against women, men too have suffered from these misunderstood interpretations of scripture. These first three chapters of Genesis are critical as they contain God's original plan, the original sinful act that caused the fall from His presence and the promise of God to provide a way of restoration.  


Part One - Introduction and Session Links


Part Two addresses the teaching of Jesus as he related to women.  Emphasis is on understanding the culture of that time and how strongly His words and actions came against traditional Jewish practice.  By coming against these traditions and practices in both His words and His actions, Jesus lets us know that these are not God’s ways. The sad thing is that we have been ignorant of the culture and have not recognized the tremendous importance of each gospel incident where a woman or women are involved.


Part Two - Introduction and Session Links


Part Three looks at the teachings of Paul and Peter that have been used to limit both the ministry and lives of Christian women.  Poor Paul has been seen as a misogynist when he was just the opposite.  Recent discoveries of Greek papyri  have given translations of words previously unknown and have made it possible to understand the original intent of these limiting scriptures.  


Part Three- Introduction and Session Links

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