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She Shall Be Called Woman  Part One


Part One of She Shall Be Called Woman is called "Mythbusting."  We will be exploring the first chapters of Genesis and examining eight commonly held faulty beliefs about the creation and fall of man and woman. Each of these beliefs have been traditionally presented as scriptural truth throughout church history by various denominations and movements. We will be examining each of these teachings against the light of scripture and hopefully busting some "myths" that have taken root in church life that have no scriptural foundations. 


Please approach this subject with an open heart and mind seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth. At the end of each session you will find some questions for your own personal thought and/or discussion by email.  Links to our email are provided at the end of each session. 


All scripture references are from the New King James Bible, unless otherwise stated.  The following abbreviations will be used to indicate other Bible translations: NIV = New International Version, NAS = New American Standard, AMP = Amplified, and KJ = King James.


Word meanings can be a problem for any teaching that is given on a worldwide basis via the internet. For clarity, further explanation is given for words that are underlined in the scripture verses and in some cases synonyms are given in parenthesis following a word.  If you come across some that we have missed, please email us at 


Part One Sessions - Mythbusting


Session One Myths - God created a man first and God gave dominion to men


Session Two Myth - Woman was created to be man’s helper.  


Session Three Myth- The woman was created from one of Adam's ribs


Session Four Myth - Eve caused Adam to disobey God and is responsible for the fall. 


Session Five Myth - After the Fall God cursed Adam and Eve


Session Six Myth - After the Fall God condemned all women (through Eve) to pain and suffering in childbirth


Session Seven Myth - The belief that God punished Eve by making women subordinate to men.


Review of Part One


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