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Heirarchy is not found in the Godhead


An excellent article for further understanding that there is no chain of command in the Godhead is HERMENEUTICAL BUNGEE-JUMPING: SUBORDINATION IN THE GODHEAD by GILBERT BILEZIKIAN writtne in 1997 for the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.  Dr. Bilezikain is a professor emeritus at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL  Dr. Bilezikan is able to be profound in simple easy to understand language. 


The article is found on the internet at this address.

Kevin N. Giles had written a somewhat academic article entitled The Doctrine of the Trinity and Subordination.  The doctrine of subordination within the Trinity has been used to promote the subordination of women in the church.  This is an excellent but rather difficult article that discusses the various positions and concludes that there is no subordination in the Godhead.  For those who are questioning and seriously seeking to understand both the doctrine of the Trinity and how it relates to women, this article may help.  


It is found on the God's Word to Women website at


Cheryl McGrath has an excellent post at

Cheryl is a partner on this venture, so check her out.  You'll find her clear and easy to understand and her blog is full of excellent articles.

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