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The Head in the Epistles


Generally the definition of the word "head" in English is either the physical head or has something to do with authority.  Using the English definition it was easy to see why the word head in Eph. 5:23 and 1 Cor.11:3 could be used in support of a chain of command sturcture both in the home and in the church'.   But before we accept that idea, we must ask what the Greek word kephale (head) meant to Paul and his readers. 


Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen, who were professors at Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN, wrote an article in Christianity Today clear back in Feb of 1981 where they challenged this definition of head.  The article continues today as a primary resource.  It can be found on the God's Word to Women website and can be accessed with this link.





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