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Why This Course?


She Shall Be Called Woman is a course on “Biblical Womanhood.” For those who put obedience to scripture as a high priority, the traditional teaching that limits the life and ministry of women is a stumbling block. She Shall Be Called Woman addresses the scriptures that are used to support traditional teaching and brings to light the mistranslations and misinterpretations that hinder those whom God has set free. 


When we speak of women in God’s economy, we are not just talking about their place in religion or “church.” Biblical womanhood involves every facet of a woman’s life. What we believe about womanhood determines what we believe women can and should experience in terms of relationships, opportunity, marriage, quality of life, and ministry. 


We have divided the course into Sessions that can also be considered Chapters.  Along with the Sessions you will find links to a Vignette that complements that Session or a Resource that gives you additional information. Vignettes and Resources can also be accessed on their own.


We hope to have all the pages available as printable and downloadable PDF's that can be saved to your computer or emailed to someone.  Since we have just reopened this website and made changes, there are bound to be typos or non-working links.  Please email us and let us know so these can be corrected.  Thank you!



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